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Fandom reading
Me updating the community? Yes, obviously an hallucination.

But here's the picture all the same XD</>
18th-Jul-2007 11:49 pm - Another Shika/Lee fic
Naruto, study
Hi again. ^_^ I come bearing fic of the Shika/Lee variety. I hope no one minds, this one is more fluffy and silly than the last one. It also contains more blatent yaoi (not dirty... just a lot more than slim hints here and there).

Title: Me and My Shadow
Pairing: Shikamaru/Lee
Stats: Two and a half pages. Frivoulous fluff, no spoilers included.
Notes: Shikamaru wants Lee to help him with a 'new' take on his best technique, but he has something extra up his sleeve.

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13th-Jun-2007 06:11 am - Shikamaru/Lee ficlet
Naruto, study
Hello everyone. I'm hoping it's okay to post this, since it's really only hinting at LeeShika fluff instead of being pure yaoi. ^^;

I don't think you need to know anything about shogi for this fic to make sense. I tried to keep that part simple. If I made something confusing/wrong please tell me and I'll try to fix it. *bows* Thank you and please enjoy.

Working title: The Way He Moves
Pairing: Hints of Shikamaru/Lee
Stats: 4 pages; lacking in spoilers or a specific spot in the Naruto timeline
Notes: Lee's strategy is simple, but there's something about him that keeps Shikamaru guessing.

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26th-Dec-2006 11:32 pm - AH@!
YJ Robin Laughs
Hello! Mishagirl here! (Summer B) and this is my intro post! Hello! I really like Shika-lee and I never see it. It is always lee/gara and Shika/neji and I always considered them the ying-yang type couple (as opposed to choji/shika).

I mean Lee goes out of his way to work hard and get strong and Shikamaru uses all of his intelligence to make things as satisifyingly easy as possible.

My only problem is that it is really hard to write lee/shika, at least for me so I can't wait to explore the community!
27th-Nov-2006 11:32 am - Lee birthday fic!
Fandom reading
omg... I did it... while I was waiting to meet with a teacher at university -_- But I really needed to post something here today (even if this is really not very good... argh, I wish I came out with something better DX ). So...

Title: So what?
Chara: LeeShikamaru
Rating: pg-13
Warnings&A/N same timeline than my others, Lee&Shika are around 18 and living together

Dedicated to greenlemonapple 'cause her birthday's coming soon! ^___^

So Shikamaru's never seen anything to be crazy abouth birthdays.Collapse )

HAPPY BIRTHDAY, ROCK LEE!!!!!!!!!! WE LOVE YOU!!!!!! (and Shika-chan does too ^^)
11th-Nov-2006 02:48 am - Icon!
A Spark in the Dark
Inspired by Improper Gift:

9th-Nov-2006 08:31 am - This is almost out of topic...
Fandom reading
...but since I've still not finished other fics or drawings, I think I'm going to post a link to this: it's a ShinoTen fic, but it has a LeeShikamaru moment in it, and it's officially part of my own LeeShika fanfiction continuity... so bear with it, please ^^;;;;


Real Leeshikamaru fics coming soon, I promise!
8th-Nov-2006 10:48 pm - Fanart, of a kind...
A Spark in the Dark
Okay, I finally decided to do it. I'm sharing my artwork with you guys. Be gentle...

Nara Shikamaru

Rock Lee
27th-Oct-2006 08:23 am - Art!
Fandom reading
This is from the great levy

Married life

I'd suggest you go have a look to her beautiful DA gallery ^___^
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