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Lee birthday fic! 
27th-Nov-2006 11:32 am
Fandom reading
omg... I did it... while I was waiting to meet with a teacher at university -_- But I really needed to post something here today (even if this is really not very good... argh, I wish I came out with something better DX ). So...

Title: So what?
Chara: LeeShikamaru
Rating: pg-13
Warnings&A/N same timeline than my others, Lee&Shika are around 18 and living together

Dedicated to greenlemonapple 'cause her birthday's coming soon! ^___^

So Shikamaru's never seen anything to be crazy abouth birthdays. When he was a kid, they were mainly tha days he was prey of all his relatives, people he never saw or seemed to care on other occasions, who came complimenting him and his parents about how tall he got since they last saw him (and just why someone should be complimented about getting taller? He wasn't even trying to) and pinching his cheeks. As a teen, he just came to the conclusion they were only a social compromise for people who needed an excuse to show their caring to the others. Birthday celebrations were invented in the old days, when children and babies mortality was much higher and people felt the need to compliment their kids for surviving. It was “Hey, you did it for at least one year more, here's your gift, so try get to your next birthday.” Of course, when he let that comment slip on Ino's birthday some years ago, she went mad and smacked him, the violent girl.
It's not like he doesn't care for his friends, obviously. He cares probably much more than they, even Choji, think. It's just... why should he be forced to care on one particular day? Forced to show his affection for the sake's of other people watching, even if maybe he really doesn't feel like doing so. And conversely, why the others should be forced doing it for him? He never asked them. It's so non-sensical... and hypocritycal too. So if Shikamaru was the one who can decide about it, world would really be better without this kind of things.

So, this morning he wakes up early (yes, he can do it if he really wants) and sneaks out of the bed, confiding in Lee's sound sleep. He leaves a note on the table saying he got called for an emergency and leaves to reach Neji at the village gates. The trip to the tavern run by that old granny will take at least some hours, and on their way back they won't be able to speed up that much because of the load of hyper-spiced, hyper-hot food they will be carrying. Shikamaru is glad it's Neji going with him. At least the Hyuga prodigy will be too busy pretending he's being forced to do all this, and that he's not really caring to question him about his uncharacteristic behaviour. Not like some other people, namely Ino and TenTen, who right now should have their hands full preparing Lee's dojo for the party. Gai-sensei has made his task to keep Lee away from there with an impromptu training in the woods... they only have to hope he won't let the whole thing away bursting into tears while thinking of Lee's joy when he'll give him his gift, his own treasured nunchakus, as a recognition of the pupil getting to his sense's level. Sakura, Choji and Hinata will take care of the normal people's food and of the cake, while Shino, Kiba and Akamaru help the other girls.
It has been Shikamaru to plan everything, getting ahead even of TenTen and of the obviously-not-caring-Neji, who agreed on the idea whole-heartedly. A whole afternoon of partying up (at least for those who'll have the energy to do it). He's keeping his own present for Lee till late evening, when they will be back home alone. He's bought something he knows Lee's always wished to have but never got because too expensive, a real traditional hand-made silk kimono. It's dark brown, with embroiderings of herons and bamboos. He knows Lee will immediately try it on, after probably protesting he really didn't have to spend so much, and then Shikamaru's going to show him how exactly pleasurable is getting undressed of it again, and to give him the last bit of his birthday surprise. Well, one can't reallt say that will be this big surprise, but he knows he will be able to make Lee blush all the same when he'll sneak his hand under the kimono from behind, when he'll slowly undo his waistband, when he'll sit on his lap and he'll start licking his lips and his neck in that way which immediately makes Lee wanting to ravage him.

So, Shikamaru's planned all this and right now, as he runs between the trees next to Neji, he can't stop picturing Lee's face when he'll see all his friends waiting for him on what, all with missions and general ninja-life problems, will be his first real, right on the day, birthday party in years. Because to Lee birthdays are just one occasion more to give a proof of his love and caring for his friends, so he likes them and consider them special. Because even if Shikamaru's not really into the dued celebrations things, this will make his lover happy and if that's not a good reason to go through some troubles, then nothing is.

Ok, that's not like him. So what?


ok, kill me now.

HAPPY BIRTHDAY, ROCK LEE!!!!!!!!!! WE LOVE YOU!!!!!! (and Shika-chan does too ^^)
27th-Nov-2006 07:49 pm (UTC)
Happy Birthday Lee! Aww <3 Shikamaru is so thoughtful! And it's true, you never need a reason to be nice to people. I kind of feel the same way with the holiday season in that people use it as an excuse to be kind to everyone around them. You should always be nice to others. ^^

I only wish I wasn't so busy this month, though. I wanted to make/write something for his special day, cuz Lee is so much love!
28th-Nov-2006 08:12 pm (UTC)
yep, that's so true! I thought it could be like Shikamaru think something like this.

I thought I would have not been able to finish it in time till the last minute XD stupid university...
27th-Dec-2006 04:58 am (UTC) - WOot!
Awesome! It is begging for a chp two after the party though...I want to see it!
27th-Dec-2006 08:38 am (UTC) - Re: WOot!
Thank you sooo much!!! :D a second chapter... maybe! ^^ thanx again!
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